Besdong Khmer Concert

Besdong Khmer Concert

Angkor Beer and PEPSI are proud to bring you a pool of surprise and funs by organizing a giant concert of the year “Angkor Besdong Khmer Concert” to enjoy the stunning performance by the most popular singers in Cambodia, Mr.PreabSovat who performs in all Besdong Khmer Concert, other famous singers such as OukSokunkanha, ChhornSovannareach, NopPanharith, Zono, PichSophea, YokThitroth,  ChhitSovanpanha and many other Hang Meas production singers.

The last “Besdong Khmer Concert” will be held on 22nd February 2014 in Prohot Village, SangkatRorkakrao, DaunKeo town, Takeo Province(the East of Ouchombork bridge).

Don’t miss the last “Besdong Khmer Concert”.

See you at Takeo on 22nd February 2014!


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